Links to Documents and Websites for Parents/Professionals

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Child development Resources

Best Start by Health Nexus

Resources on child development

Caring for Kids

Child and Youth Health information from Canada's pediatric experts                                                     

La Leche League Canada

Encourages, promotes and provides monther-to mother breastfeeding support and educational opportunities

Ottawa Public Health

Resources on child development

General Resources

Esso Family Math

A community -based program for families who would like their children to experience success in math

Families Change: Justice Education Society of British Columbia

Helping children understand Separation and Divorce   

MindMasters (7-12 years)

A research-based program that teaches simple, concrete techniques to help children manage stress and frustration, relax fully and develop a positive perspective

Mini MindMasters (3-6 years)

A fun, versatile program that helps children under 6 years build positive living skills which they can use anytime, anywhere, for the rest of their lives 

S.E.A.T.S. fro Kids Canada

A non-profit organization located in Ottawa dedicated to increasing the appropriate and correct use of child restraint systems in our community

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