Steps in the Community Planning Process*

Throughout all stages of the community planning process, be sure to maintain open communication with all stakeholders!

*This chart was taken from Action for Neighbourhood Change

step 1

Planning to Plan

a) Define your community

b) Select and organize a

   planning team

c) Secure your planning


d) Establish your governance


step 4

Develop Your Mission

a) Theory of change

b) Approach toward


c) Approach toward

   community engagement

d) Assess organizational


e) Write Mission Statement

Step 7

Obtain Neighbourhood Approval

Step 2

Develop your vision

step 5

Develop Action Plan

a) Identify opportunity areas

b) Develop selection criteria

c) Develop screening


d) Decide organizations' roles

e) Prepare goal, strategy and

   action statements

f) Develop measurable


step 8

Implement the Plan

a) Project plans

b) Budget

c) Staffing plan

d) Communication plan

Step 3

Gather Information About Your Community

a) Environmental scan

b) Asset mapping

c) SWOT analysis 

d) Assessment checklists

step 6

Write the Plan!

step 9

Monitoring, Learning, Evaluation, Change

a) Theory of change

b) Outcome measurements

c) Stories

Supporting Documents

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